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3 Takeaways from a First-Time Figure Competitor

Have you thought about competing in a bodybuilding competition?

Nautilus member and Inner Beast CrossFit athlete, Ashley Billingsley, made her Figure debut at the NPC Pacific Coast Championship.

Below, she shared three takeaways for anyone thinking of competing:

1) Surround yourself with people that will support you, but keep you honest at the same time.

Family will want to support you but they also always want to see the best in you. They may say things like "oh you're tiny already, one cheat won't hurt" and things like that. While that's great and all, you need that complete honesty and unbiased eye to continue to watch you and help yourself change the areas on your figure that need the most change before going up on stage

2) Do your homework!

Research local & national information, speak with competitors, hire a coach, go to posing class, etc. There are so many aspects that come with a bodybuilding show. Beginning the journey is stressful and making sure you've done your research to limit the amount of stress you do have. This goes back to having the right team in your corner, as well. Lisa Ashy, from Nautilus Plus OC, is a former competitor and a great resource.

3) Find a way to have fun!

Dieting sucks! Feeling like you can't do anything while you're training for a show sucks! Having to constantly judge your body on aesthetics all the time is the worst! These things all come with the process so you have to find ways to best counterbalance these experiences. You have to remember this is not permanent and that the process comes with different phases, even if you decide to do another show. Don't let yourself get too wrapped up in the negative experiences.

If you compete, take the positive experiences and run with it. Use it as an opportunity to learn about what drives you, what works for your body, and to smash your goals. This process is all about you and the changes you have the ability to make.

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