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Is it Time to Get Your Fitness Groove Back?

It happens to everyone. Life. It gets in the way of best intentions, good habits and healthy routines. Especially during the summer months. As we head into Fall we thought we would throw out some tried and true methods to re-establish those great lifestyle choices. These ideas work if you are just starting your fitness journey too.

1. Give yourself a reason why. A good one, be specific. Now write it down someplace you will see it everyday.

2. Start small. You don't have to jump back into running 3 miles everyday or lifting weights for an hour. It's probably better if you don't. Give your body time to re-acclimate.

3. Set a schedule. Write it in permanent pen in your day planner. Schedule exercise like an appointment that you have to keep.

4. Change your inner dialogue from "I have to" to "I want to". The mindset part of this counts big time towards achieving long term success as well as making it easier to get started again.

5. Get on the scale. Reality check time. It's just a number but it will tell you where you are at and it will help you be able to set short term and long term realistic goals. Weight isn't your number one fitness test? Find a way to measure where your are at right now so it is easy to map a plan to get from here to where you want to be. PS Do Not beat yourself up! Just move forward.

6. Make a plan for tomorrow, the week and the month ahead. Write it down! Again put it someplace you can see it.

7. Pack your gym bag and set out your workout clothes the night before.

8. If you do better with accountability perhaps finding a gym buddy will make you more motivated. You can also find accountability, support and encouragement in group fitness classes.

9. Plan healthy meals for the week ahead. It will help reinforce your hard work. Eating badly might sabotage your efforts in more than one way, it can derail you mentally too. Throw out all the tempting snacks in the house.

10. Reward yourself. Whatever it is that makes your heart happy, do that for yourself when you achieve any of your goals. We love a good pedicure, a massage or maybe new workout clothes!

Let us know how you are doing with your journey, we love hearing your success stories, even if you think they are small. We will celebrate them with you.

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