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10, 9, 8, 7, ..... Resolutions and a tip or 10 to keep them

10. Drink less

9. Travel more

8. Get more sleep

7. Tied for 7th place:

Spend more time with family

Put the smartphone down more often

6. Spend less - save more

5. Learn something new

4. Eat healthier

3. Drink more water

2. Read more

1. Lose weight/get in shape

Every year the number one resolution is to lose weight and get into shape. We think it's a good one! Taking care of yourself is fantastic commitment for the new year. Here are a few pointers on the best way to make and keep that pledge.

1. Write it down, be specific and detailed. It's not just a numbers game, write down how you will feel or things you will do when you've reached your goal. Make it tangible. Most importantly, write down your "why", why do you want this?

2. Keep it simple and realistic.

3. Give yourself a time frame.

4. Break it down into smaller goals.

5. Reward yourself. Maybe not with a pizza but new workout clothes, a book, a manicure whatever floats your boat.

6. Get help: hire a trainer, attend group classes, join a gym with a friend. It is a proven fact that there is strength in numbers and people who have an accountability partner are more successful.

7. Be consistent and patient. There will be plateaus and set backs, just keep moving forward.

8. Don't beat yourself up! Being kind to yourself is a key ingredient to success.

9. Track your progress.

10. If you start to lose motivation look back at your "why". It will re-energize you.

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